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Family Tree News

What's my Family News? - Free downloadable applications either as online interactive or voice only versions.

It allows children to send the news to Grandma, and she gets to curate it for the family - using only her voice.

Start the day with Family News.

TV Video Shows

These Days - is a series about Seniors sharing what works and what doesn't.

They explore their conditions, while reminiscing to better times.

It's a chance to hear their wisdom ...and then allow then to engage with technologies that can improve their lives.

The videos offer their candid evaluations with other senior viewers. The audience gets a chance to give a thumbs up or down if they agree, via a favorite voice assistant.

Pretty cool.

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Reminiscense Tools

Mixed Reality Worlds - A melody sounds like a memory; a scent rekindles the past. We use non-invasive 40 Hz. sounds to soothe minds. Light and sound combined seem to magnify the brain effects in the prefrontal cortex, a key area for planning and executing tasks.

Then there is Music. Sounds that only Kin-Keepers can bring back for loved ones.

Additionally we make it simple for Carers to create Virtual Worlds where play is not dependent on the physical self.

Artificial Intelligence PET

P.E.T. - Place, Experience, Time - A software adviser that helps Mom with her memory.  It knows everyone in the Family Tree. More importantly it listens to the sound of Mom's voice and can detect bio-markers that alert the clan to medical conditions.

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A Common Situational View

Share a common understanding among Seniors, Carers and Families so that attention is focused on the right needs, at the right time.


... and one Ring to Monitor all

With a ring around her finger, you can monitor Mom's hydration level, sleep quality and blood pressure

Bio-Metric Monitoring
Bio-Metric Monitoring

Next Steps...

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